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Saturdays Between the Hedges

Saturdays Between the Hedges is a photo essay about, well, Saturdays at Sanford Stadium. I teamed up with the ever-exciting Jeff Dantzler to document the tradition, the pagentry and the drama of a game day in Athens – an entire season of game days, to be exact.

Saturdays Between the Hedges To my knowledge there is no one more obsessed with Georgia football than Jeff, so naturally I wanted him to be my writer. Since he is in the press box and I am on the sidelines for every game, we have a unique perspective that we wanted to share.

We decided to write (in my case photograph) this book in order to give the Georgia faithful something they can hand to the sadly un-enlightened and say, "This is why you do not give me a blue sweater for Christmas." The fans can flip through this book and say, "Son, here are 119 reasons that you cannot attend Auburn." We wanted to show that The Grove is just a bunch of trees and that touching the rock could never compare to the Dawgwalk.

So why not buy a copy today, either for yourself or for the Georgia fan who has everything (even the red underwear that he wears to every Florida game, because, "Dammit, it worked in '97 against those ugly reptiles").

Uga - Georgia Bulldogs Mascot
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"Through the pages of this book, you'll feel all the tradition, ritual, and atmosphere of the Georgia football experience – and along with it, you'll get to know and understand the very fiber of the Georgia people."
Vince Dooley, Former Director of Athletics, UGA

"I'm busy that Saturday... Well, it's not my fault the wedding is on the same day as Georgia-Tennessee!"

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